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Platform Heels: Rise to New Heights

When I heard that platforms were making a comeback, memories of rolled and twisted ankles came flooding back to mind. I think the trauma of keeling over on platforms is what scared me away from most heels in general (over that now, though).

For the brave of heart and balanced of foot, here are some of my picks for the best platforms online right now 👇🏼

  1. Red platforms from Rag & Co

  2. White Platforms from Flat n Heels

  3. Black Platforms from London Rag

  4. Green Platforms from Rag & Co

  5. Red Platforms from H&M

  6. Pink Platforms from Rag & Co

  7. Pink Platforms from Truffle Collection

  8. Green Platforms from Truffle Collection

  9. Black Platforms from London Rag

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