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Wedding Guest Dress Picks

Why, oh why, is it so hard to find quality wedding guest dresses that don't cost the earth? Add in trying to find one of a particular colour? Haha, all the freakin' best, y'all.

Purchasing something new to wear for each new event has never sat well with me; because cost-wise, it adds up. Also, I like making the most of what I already have, which is a lot, I'll admit; so it shouldn't be such a problem, right? Wrong!

Apparently, 'Wedding Guest Apparel' isn't my thing, so I was found to be extremely lacking in that department - shoes included! After breathing a sigh of relief after having secured the perfect heels (my stunning Maysi heels from Dune London), it took me over two months to find dress options.

Outfit details:

Necklace - *Custom-made

Earrings - SHEIN (similar here and here)

Dress - Berrylush

Heels - DressBerry

If you have struggled to find dresses to wear to weddings, as I have, I thought it may help if I put together a list of some that I have my eye on:

My lovelies, if you've spotted any other dresses online that may be good picks to wear to a wedding, help a girl out and leave links in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram, puh-lease and thank you!

- Aimesha x

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