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#TSKStyleChallenge - November: Final Weeks Recap + Shop My Outfits

30 outfits in 30 days! What a month it's been over on my Instagram. Check out my looks from the last two weeks of the #TSKStyleChallenge below! I've linked similar or alternate pieces wherever I could find them so you could re-create the outfits should you wish to.

#TSKStyleChallenge Outfit Recap

Day 20: Culottes

Culottes (Similar), (Similar) | Sweater Vest (Alternative), (Similar) | Bag (Similar), (Similar) | Shoes (Similar), (Similar), (Similar) | Earrings (Alternative)

Day 21: Patterned Blazer

Blazer (Alternative), (Similar) | Top (Similar) | Jeans (Similar), (Similar) | Boots (Similar), (Similar),

Day 22: Business Casual

Shirt (Similar) | Belt | Jeans | Shoes (Similar), (Alternative) | Necklace (Similar) | Hairband (Alternative)

Day 23: Victorian Inspired

Dress (Alternative) | Top (Similar), (Similar) | (Shoes (Similar)

Day 24: Faux Leather Trousers

Sweater (Similar), (Similar) | Trousers (Similar) | Shoes (Similar)

Day 24: Athleisure

Coat (Similar) | Sweatshirt (Similar) | Joggers (Similar) | Shoes (Similar), (Similar)

Day 25: Fleece

Top (Similar), (Similar) | Jeans (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) | Coat (Similar)

Day 27: Flash of Pink

Sweater (Similar), (Similar), (Similar), (Similar) | Trousers (Similar), (Similar) | Necklace (Similar) | Shoes (Alternative)

Day 28: Knitted Skirt

Blazer (Similar) | Top | Skirt (Similar) | Shoes (Similar), (Alternative) | Belt | Hairband (Alternative)

Day 29: Pattern Clash

Jacket (Alternative) | T-shirt (Similar) | Trousers (Alternative) | Shoes (Similar)

Day 30: Baseball Cap

Cap (Similar) | Top (Similar) | Jeans | Coat (Similar), (Similar), (Similar) | Shoes,(Alternative), (Similar), (Similar), (Alternative) | Earrings (Similar)

I've really appreciated all the love shown for the looks throughout the challenge; so if you've been following along, liking, commenting and more, thank you so much!

x Aimesha

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