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Hair Accessories I'm Loving

I've always loved a good hairband (the easiest way to achieve a Blair Waldorf moment); but as my hair started growing out longer after buzzing it off, they became an absolute essential. I still rely on them on the daily to keep my mane tamed.

If you're looking to add a little something-something to your look, have a look at the hairbands and hair accessories on my wishlist right now:

Hair Accessories
  1. AQUASTREET Embellished Hairband With Matching Earrings

  2. SHAYE Knot-detail Hairband

  3. JAZZ AND SIZZLE Embellished Scrunchie

  4. YELLOW CHIMES Embellished Hair Accessory

  5. KARATCART Embellished Hairband

  6. JAZZ AND SIZZLE Embellished Scrunchie

  7. BLUEBERRY Embellished Hairband

  8. TONIQ Leopard-print Hairband

  9. TOSSIDO Scrunchies

  10. ONLY Embellished Hairband

  11. ZAVERI PEARLS Embellished Hairband

  12. SOHO BOHO STUDIO Hairband

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